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Function and Application of Cuprous Cyanide


1. This product is used as complexing agent in cyanide copper plating bath. The dispersion and coverage of the plating bath are good, the crystallization of the coating is fine, and the plating bath is alkaline, which has certain decontamination. For iron and steel products, zinc products and other matrix metals, direct copper plating can obtain a good adhesion coating. The disadvantage is that the plating solution is highly toxic, and three wastes must be treated to protect the environment and reduce public hazards.

2. Cuprous cyanide is the main salt of copper ion in copper or copper alloy plating bath. The concentration of copper ion in plating bath has great influence on the cathodic process. When the content of copper ion is low, the cathodic polarization value increases, the current efficiency decreases significantly, and the allowable working current density is low. It is also used as a stabilizer for electroless tin plating and copper plating.

3. Cuprous cyanide is an effective precursor of organic copper (I) reagent and organic copper (II) reagent.

Me3SnCu(CN)Li reagent formed by cuprous cyanide and alkyl tin can react with alkynyl carboxylic ester to obtain 3-trimethyltin-2-ene carboxylic ester and selectively obtain cis-or trans-products at different temperatures. Similarly, the olenyl copper reagent formed by cuprous cyanide and alkyl lithium can react with alpha, beta-unsaturated ketones to obtain adducts, and further intramolecular cyclization occurs. Alpha-alkoxy copper reagents prepared from organotin compounds can also react with alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones. 2-thiophenyl copper reagent can exchange metal halogen with iodoolefins under the action of butyl lithium to obtain alkenyl copper, and then can also react with alpha, beta-unsaturated ketones. This synthetic method is very important for the synthesis of prostaglandins.

4. Used for electroplating copper and other alloys, synthesizing anti-tuberculosis drugs and antifouling coatings.

5. It is mainly used for cyanide-free plating and is the main salt for copper ion in plating bath. It is suitable for the copper bottom layer of decorative protective layer and the local Anti-carburizing coating of parts requiring carburizing. It is used for pyrophosphate copper plating, bronze plating, nickel plating, copper-tin alloy plating and tungsten alloy plating. It is also used for analytical reagents.

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