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  • 1989 year
    Founded in 1989
  • 2000 wan
    Registered capital 20 million
 Shandong Zibo Huawang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. It mainly produces copper cyanide and zinc cyanide as electroplating materials. Huawang Copper Cyanide is a famous trademark of Shandong Province and a member of China Electroplating Association. The main products are cuprous cyanide, refined copper, advanced technology, better quality indicators than domestic standards, the content of more than 99%. The products are sold in the national market and exported overseas. Huawang Chemical Co., Ltd. is willing to cooperate with new and old customers at home and abroad for mutual benefit and win-win progress in electroplating a beautiful China and a beautiful world.
  • Integrity brand
    Attentively hospitality
  • Strong enterprise
    Founded in 1989, capital 20
  • technology innovation
    Production equipment
  • The green
    Emission monitoring
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